Bespoke Stone Shower Trays

Custom Handmade Travertine Stone Shower Trays

A Travertine bathroom complete with a Travertine stone shower completes the ultimate luxury look to your bathroom. Travertine is a beautiful versatile stone which can be used in many different ways in your bathroom from floor tiles, wall tiles, stunning free standing travertine baths and wash hand basins.

Custom made shower trays

Travertine bespoke stone shower trays are very popular in modern contemporary bathrooms. You can have a shower completely made from travertine from the custom made stone shower tray to the wall tiles and shelving. A bespoke Travertine shower will look stunning in your bathroom and Travertine World has experienced stone masons who will be able to create your own unique Travertine shower tray which will fit into your bathroom with your specifications. You can be really creative with your handmade stone shower as it will be completely hand made by Travertine World allowing you total control over design style, shape and size.


The shower trays can have gradients pre-specified to determine the speed of waste water runoff, different depths according to your requirements and any additional shower tray construction requirements. Travertine tiles add a decorative touch to any shower, have fun deciding on the colour and adding an accent tile here and there for a little pizzazz.


If you are looking to update your current shower, having a custom made Travertine shower tray from Travertine World will not only modernise your shower but will guarantee to fit into your current shower space perfectly as Travertine World will create your bespoke shower tray to your chosen shape and size.


If you are looking to completely redesign your shower, having a shower made entirely from Travertine will be a truly amazing feature in your bathroom. If space isn’t an issue in your bathroom, then a beautifully designed Travertine walk in shower with plenty of space to move in, is the ultimate luxury in a contemporary bathroom design. If your bathroom theme is a sleek, minimalistic look, then a stone shower with a Travertine tiled floor will look very contemporary and keep in with your minimalistic theme.


Our design team at Travertine World are happy to discuss your design ideas with you to ensure the correct drainage is installed in your Travertine tiled floor. Travertine shower trays come in a variety of magnificent colours which can be designed to compliment your bathroom or made into a feature in your bathroom. Contact Travertine World today to discuss your Travertine shower tray designs and ideas.